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What am I paying for/couldn't I just make these videos myself?

If you have the technical know how to shoot and edit these videos yourself, you absolutely should! Collecting these moments for posterity is a wonderful resource for any family. The service ARCHIVE provides is for those without the time or inclination to assemble the necessary components, or the experience to craft a compelling product. Each video takes easily 20 hours (or more) to edit. Our fees reflect this, as well as the use of our equipment which includes a lighting kit, microphones, and Sony camera. If you take a moment to compare our prices to those offering similar services (including hiring a photographer to take family portraits), you will find that we are very competitive.

My child/grandma/husband is shy around strangers. How would you get them to answer questions?

It's true that a lot of people find it intimidating to be on camera at first, but we have experience demystifying the process and putting people at ease. First and foremost, we're there to have a conversation and the camera and lights are simply there to make our subjects look great. We have a list of questions that are designed to be open-ended and tailored to the topic at hand. During our initial consultation, we're open to any suggestions you might have about what to bring up, or specific techniques you think will help your loved one feel at ease. 

What are your COVID-19 safety procedures?

My wife Nicole and I are fully vaccinated, and we would be the only people to come to your house for the interviews. When we do so, we will wear masks and follow social distancing. If you have a quiet, secluded outside area available, it might make sense to shoot the interviews outside. Additionally, we can accommodate Zoom interviews at a reduced rate, and we are also open to having you shoot the interviews yourself (per our instructions). Anything to make you feel comfortable during this crazy time!

Can I watch you tape the interviews?

You're certainly welcome to be within earshot or close by if you want to check in, but we recommend that family members allow some space for the interviewee to focus on us. Stories that may be overly familiar to your ears take on a new life when relayed to someone new. Also, some people may feel more inhibited with more people around the camera, so it helps prevent them from getting distracted. 

Will I have a say in the final cut?

Yes. When we think the video is ready, we will send you a watermarked link so you can watch it in the comfort of your own home. If you're happy with what you see, you give us the final approval and we will send it your way. If there are some tweaks you would like us to make, now is the time to tell us and we will address them in a one-time edit. Most of our videos follow a particular structure, so if you've seen the samples on this site you shouldn't be in for any surprises.

Will we hear you asking questions in the video?

No. In order to create the impression that your loved one is talking to you, the questions Nicole and I ask are edited out. Titles, photos, and repeating the question in the answer all help to make this work. 


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